It has been one year since I was first introduced to Riccardo and his team at Beat Theory and what a year it has been.

Gone is the very overweight, depressed, tired and constantly ill person I used to be and I have been replaced by a lycra wearing, confident lady who knows what a burpee is and even more surprising, I can now actually do them and more.

In the past year I have lost around 50lbs in weight and 20inches off various parts of my body.  In addition to attending classes I have had the motivation, fitness and confidence to have participated in several 5k’s and one 10k race.

I could have done none of this without the encouragement and support of Riccardo and his team who without being judgemental challenged me to exercise and eat healthier. I have loved it and its now a way of life. I have so much to look forward to and my family are so proud of what I achieved, my work colleagues say I am a changed woman – for the better.

Marie Forbes

Having spent the majority of my teens being more than a little overweight and hating exercise, let alone having to do any outdoor classes I clicked buy as fast as I could. I wanted a complete overhaul in lifestyle, which included a healthier diet and to include a workout that wasn’t going to bore me after a few weeks.

As tough as it was to keep up with the classes when I first joined, I persevered and I am glad that I did.

Beat Theory Fitness is fantastic, each session is challenging but there is more than enough motivation; at no point have I ever felt like I couldn’t do the class or wanted to quit. Since then I have attended the sessions regularly and in the four years that I’ve been here; for someone who hated physical exercise I have completed Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and The Mighty Deerstalker – to know that I’ve braved my way through these is something I am so proud of.

Although life can sometimes get in the way and put a pause on your fitness journey, it’s best not to give up.

Most recently I’ve regained my passion for being healthier and stronger, I aim to put as much as I can into each session and I have found that even after only a few weeks I can either run faster or lift heavier than I would have thought possible, its easy to lose focus if a workout routine doesn’t push you but at Beat Theory Fitness you are encouraged and are able to be the best that you can.

With constant new routines that we are being put through, I am feeling amazing and can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Ashleigh McGuiness

I have been training with the team at Bet Theory Fitness for just over 8 months,  I had tried loads of other classes and gyms, but everything I tried just didn’t work for me.  I found Beat Theory perfect because it fits right around my schedule with classes every 40 mins, right in the city centre, so perfect for before or after work, or even at lunch time. 

The team are so helpful, motivating and really friendly, and that really helped me feel completely relaxed as I was really nervous at first but that soon went away straight after my first class.   Now I’m in the best shape of my life, and it only took me a few months. This is the only place I’ve worked out at and felt comfortable. 

The theory of group personal training is fantastic, because you can’t get that at any other gyms. If you have a goal to reach, and need the right kind of friendly motivation to get you to where you want to be, I can’t recommend this place enough!! I have also got my best friend addicted!!

Lauren McSorley

I very reluctantly attended my first class in July 2013 as my friend begged me to go with her.  I was a complete exercise-phobe & preferred lying on the couch!  I remember my first class. I could barely manage any of it but there was such a good atmosphere & I loved the music & there was something about the place that made me want to go back ASAP.

My initial ability was dreadful; I couldn’t walk for a week!  Fast forward to today & I am a completely new & reformed person. The classes are hard & challenging, yet fun. I always have a good laugh & good banter with the other attendees. I have never ever enjoyed exercise like this.

I have lost 17lbs, dropped 10% body fat & have more muscle definition than I ever dreamed possible. I am delighted with the changes in my body that I never previously thought would be possible. I have also now developed such a wide network of friends & we all share the same passion for these classes that remain very challenging yet very fun.

You can’t beat the place for the training, the support, the gorgeous & modern interior, atmosphere & body transformation it provides. And this is from a previous absolute couch potato! Walking in that door for the first time is one of the best decisions I ever made!

Amanda Jamieson