Amanda Jamieson

I very reluctantly attended my first class in July 2013 as my friend begged me to go with her.  I was a complete exercise-phobe & preferred lying on the couch!  I remember my first class. I could barely manage any of it but there was such a good atmosphere & I loved the music & there was something about the place that made me want to go back ASAP.

My initial ability was dreadful; I couldn’t walk for a week!  Fast forward to today & I am a completely new & reformed person. The classes are hard & challenging, yet fun. I always have a good laugh & good banter with the other attendees. I have never ever enjoyed exercise like this.

I have lost 17lbs, dropped 10% body fat & have more muscle definition than I ever dreamed possible. I am delighted with the changes in my body that I never previously thought would be possible. I have also now developed such a wide network of friends & we all share the same passion for these classes that remain very challenging yet very fun.

You can’t beat the place for the training, the support, the gorgeous & modern interior, atmosphere & body transformation it provides. And this is from a previous absolute couch potato! Walking in that door for the first time is one of the best decisions I ever made!