Ashleigh McGuiness

Having spent the majority of my teens being more than a little overweight and hating exercise, let alone having to do any outdoor classes I clicked buy as fast as I could. I wanted a complete overhaul in lifestyle, which included a healthier diet and to include a workout that wasn’t going to bore me after a few weeks.

As tough as it was to keep up with the classes when I first joined, I persevered and I am glad that I did.

Beat Theory Fitness is fantastic, each session is challenging but there is more than enough motivation; at no point have I ever felt like I couldn’t do the class or wanted to quit. Since then I have attended the sessions regularly and in the four years that I’ve been here; for someone who hated physical exercise I have completed Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and The Mighty Deerstalker – to know that I’ve braved my way through these is something I am so proud of.

Although life can sometimes get in the way and put a pause on your fitness journey, it’s best not to give up.

Most recently I’ve regained my passion for being healthier and stronger, I aim to put as much as I can into each session and I have found that even after only a few weeks I can either run faster or lift heavier than I would have thought possible, its easy to lose focus if a workout routine doesn’t push you but at Beat Theory Fitness you are encouraged and are able to be the best that you can.

With constant new routines that we are being put through, I am feeling amazing and can’t wait to see what the future holds!”