Riccardo Scala

Creator of the Beat Theory Fitness Programme

Riccardo has gained 16 years experience being at the forefront of the fitness industry, in Glasgow, Scotland, the UK, and the U.S. Having the privilege of being the trainer to Hollywood Movie stars on both sides of the world. 

Over the years, it was clear that the fitness industry was stuck in its ways, and needed to change with the times.

Others say “People go to gyms, they get an induction, the pay their memberships, and you can charge them for one to one training once they are a member… This is what works. It’ll never change”…  

Riccardo believed not only that the fitness industry could change, but that it had to change.

After years of extensive research in Hollywood, California the home of the health conscious, the idea of Beat Theory Fitness was born.

Riccardo’s first Indoor Bootcamp Fitness location was opened in Los Altos , in northern California, 2007.

Since then, the concept has shot through the US.

Moving bootcamps indoors away from the harsh Scottish elements has given members the chance to gain results and have fun, all while not having to be around crazy obsessive “Gym Freaks”. 

From the initial bootcamp, the beat theory Group Personal Training concept was designed, to get better, quicker results, more motivated members, and more fat loss than ever before.

The term Group Personal Training is a very new term that has been created in the industry to explain to people that they can have all the benefits, intensity and results that would normally be achieved from One to One, but in a group environment that brings fun, challenges and of course accountability! And of course, at a fraction of the price that Personal One to One training costs!

It’s this idea from which Beat Theory was born.

We fill the major gap in the fitness industry, as a huge percentage of people want the results, they want to change their lifestyle and transform their health, but can’t afford the thousands of pounds for a personal trainer.

With Beat Theory Fitness, Riccardo gives clients the chance to be part of a new age personal training concept that delivers results, provides accountability, and creates new lifestyles for everyday people to be part of, without draining your bank balance!