Beat Theory Fitness Opens London Franchise Site

Scottish-based group personal training brand, Beat Theory Fitness, has opened its first franchise site in Waltham Abbey, London.

The 325 sq m club, owned by London-born 40 year old, Leon Chee-a-tow, has replaced a gym called Krunch Gym on the M25 Business Estate and will offer heart rate-monitored, high intensity interval training (HIIT) designed to stimulate metabolism and increase energy, whilst providing group support and accountability.

Chee-a-tow says: “Beat Theory Fitness is a unique brand offering heart rate monitored sessions so clients can track their progress every step of the way. We also have Assault AirRunners, supplied by Precor, that is pretty new to the market, which helps us to stand out from our competitors. The simplicity of the treadmill and its manually driven belt means you jump on and start running with no buttons to press and no frustration waiting for the belt to start up. During a workout we continually change from one exercise to another and the AirRunner, along with the AirBike Elite as an alternative for clients with injuries, as it puts less pressure on joints, means our members can push their workout as hard as they like.”

Beat Theory Fitness can cater for up to 40 people in any one 45-minute class and will run a minimum of eight classes per day, also using dumbbells, slam-balls, TRX straps, battle ropes, suspension units, step up boxes, ab rollers and rowing machines. Prices range from £59 -119 a month for a minimum three month contract, which includes a MyZone heart rate belt. Pay as you go options are also available.

Chee-a-tow hopes to grow the business from 250 members in the first year and 400 in the second year, with three or four personal trainers to support him. First time club owner, Chee-a-tow comes from a teaching background. He explains: “I was born and raised in Camden Town on a council estate.  My Mum brought up my brother, sister and I almost single handily.  We were very poor; often having limited food and never had the luxuries of most standard households.  I had my first job at 10 delivering milk, then a paper boy and as a general labourer on building sites way before health and safety prevented minors from earning money on site.  This money helped buy things for home and also pay for trainers and the fashionable items that children crave.  I went to college, university and then did a PGCE from my determination to create a better life for my family. I started teaching in a secondary school at 21, remaining in the profession until I was 40.”

Following a spine operation 18 months ago, Chee-a-tow reevaluated his profession and during his recovery, retrained as PT with a view to helping others with injuries. Having taught PE, circuit training and boxing to students, as well as studying Prey Mantis Kung Fu and Bjj for many years, adapting his skills to become a personal trainer was an easy transition for Chee-a-tow.

“I’ve always been into sport from a child and in adulthood my job has always involved teaching or providing a service; so personal training seemed a natural progression to my skill set,” continues Chee-a-tow. “Seeing the Beat Theory Gym in Glasgow allowed me to realise my dream of delivering personal training in a group setting.  The pre-existing brand and franchise support for a new business gives me the best opportunity to make it a success.”

The Beat Theory Fitness brand is owned by Glasgow-born Riccardo Scala, former personal trainer to the stars in California. He said: “Working in California for five years I saw the burst of the boutique sector first hand. I’ve been back in the UK for six years now, working on the Beat Theory concept for four of those, learning along the way to ensure I have created a strong and lasting identity that can be successfully shared with franchisees.

“The idea is to make this concept affordable for all, unlike many of the boutique facilities we currently see in London, and Leon’s new gym in Waltham Abbey is leading the way. We have plans to open more franchises before the end of the year and will also be looking to the international market during 2018.”

Precor’s Colin Wilkie said: “Beat Theory Fitness in Waltham Abbey looks sure to be a hit like its sister sites in Scotland and the Assault AirRunner treadmills are an ideal choice for its HIIT themed workouts. With the speed controlled solely by the exerciser and the position taken on the treadmill, users can hit the ground running and burn up to 30% more calories than on a traditional motorised treadmill.”

Beat Theory Fitness opens first franchise site

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